Himbeere mit Störungen I, II, III

The wild raspberry tendrils from Judit Villiger's garden form vegetal elements of composition, as they were also traditionally used as an ornamental frame around a meaningful representation in the middle of the picture. In the center here, however, a gaping void dominates - as if a once clearly construable pictorial world has dissipated in the post-postmodern pluralism of truths and realities or the original in copies and simulations? (Stefanie Hoch, 2013)

format: series of lithographs, each 45.5 × 57 cm
shown: Gluri Suter Huus, Wettingen/ Zur alten Schmitte, Steckborn
year: 2014

Raspberry Disorder I, 2013Raspberry Disorder I, 2013
Raspberry Disorder III, 2013Raspberry Disorder III, 2013