Miniatur Museum

With their small format the sculptures cast in epoxy resin form a counterbalance to large-format representative paintings. For instance the unreal, dreamlike Florentine landscape which Leonardo da Vinci painted as the background for the portrait of the Mona Lisa. But the figure after whom the work is named is omitted. In her place the background must be completed and therefore recreated. (Kathrin Frauenfelder, Miniature Museum, 2003)

format: resin, hand painted, each 3 x 4.5 x 2cm
shown: Kunst(zeug)haus Rapperswil/ Hochbauamt, Stadt Zurich/ Rehmann-Museum, Laufenburg
year: 2000-2016

Landscape for Mona Lisa, 2000Landscape for Mona Lisa, 2000
Empire of Light, 2000Empire of Light, 2000
Temptation of Saint Anthony, 2000Temptation of Saint Anthony, 2000
On the sandy banks of the Loire, 2000On the sandy banks of the Loire, 2000