Les friches du Château Rouge

Since the Delanoë era, Château Rouge has been subjected to extensive redevelopment. Entire blocks are interspected with excavation pits and areas of urban wasteland. Upon closer inspection, these seemingly empty spaces are filled with stories of former inhabitants, traces thereof visible in the remaining walls of the neighbouring houses. This gentrification was the impetus for the ' Les friches du Château Rouge' project. (Christoph Ullmann, 2006)

format: used cardboard, paper, pencil, gouache
shown: Kasernenareal, Zurich/Goutte d'Or, Paris/Museum Bruder Klaus, Sachseln
year: 2006

Les friches du Château Rouge (Duployé ouest), 2006Les friches du Château Rouge (Duployé ouest), 2006
Square Léon, 2006Square Léon, 2006
Myrha ouest, 2006Myrha ouest, 2006
installation view, Kaserne Zurich 2006installation view, Kaserne Zurich 2006