Model Landscapes

Descriptions of fantastic landscapes and imaginary places by Jules Verne or Robert Walser serve as the basis for the three-dimensional models of landscapes. Walser's remark on how the 'gentle green adornment of trees', and 'enchantment of benign meadows' is missing in metropolises prompted the creation of miniature landscapes. (quote: Robert Walser, Der Spazierang, 1917)

format: oil on gesso board, 8.6 × 12 cm
shown: Kunstmuseum Aarau/ Galerie Römerapotheke, Zurich/ Carla Renggli, Zug
year: 2007

Oasis, 2007Oasis, 2007
Foothills, 2007Foothills, 2007
Castle Park, 2007Castle Park, 2007
Groves of Proserpina, 2007Groves of Proserpina, 2007
Ithaka, 2007Ithaka, 2007
Moss in plastic bag, 2009Moss in plastic bag, 2009
Moss in plastic bag, 2010Moss in plastic bag, 2010
Moss in plastic bag, 2007Moss in plastic bag, 2007