The five signs - tied to tree trunks with rucksack straps - can be associated with nesting boxes or incubators for birds, with lights commemorating accident sites on the roadside or with Stations of the Cross. Although they exhibit components of all of the above, they should remain what they are nonetheless: sings. Their contents are transparent objects cast in epoxy resin, portraying backgrounds of artworks, translated into three-dimensional miniaturised objects: settings which enable viewers to immerse themselves into the picture and linger there.

format: objects installed on trees, each 20 × 22 x 26 cm
shown: art walk, Alpnachstad - Alpnach Dorf/ Galerie Schönenberger, Kirchberg SG/ StettArt/ forum andere musik, Klingenzell
year: 2002 - 2007

art walk Alpnach (2002)art walk Alpnach (2002)
forumanderemusik, Klingenzell (2007)forumanderemusik, Klingenzell (2007)