Journey to the center of the earth

The fantastic world of Jules Vernes's Journey to the Center of the Earth serves as the point departure for an installation in the Unterlöchli schoolhouse in Lucerne. The settings follow the narrative thread of the noval, thus rendering the journey from one floor to the next akin to the descent - or ascent - into a mythical underworld. The students can retrace the cyclical nature of the journey themselves from either the beginning or the end of the tale as they climb the stairs.

format: cardboard, paper, paint, LED, 10 × 270 x 42 cm
shown: Schulhaus Unterlöchli, Luzern
year: 2009

mushroom forest (2008)mushroom forest (2008)
volcanic landscape (2008)volcanic landscape (2008)
horsetail Hain (2008)horsetail Hain (2008)
Atlantis (2008)Atlantis (2008)
Colosseum (2008)Colosseum (2008)
Lettering, Unterlöchli schoolhouse Luzern (2008)Lettering, Unterlöchli schoolhouse Lucerne (2008)
mushroom forest, Unterlöchli schoolhouse, Luzern (2008)mushroom forest, Unterlöchli schoolhouse, Lucerne (2008)